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WP8.1 Traffic

I purchased Navigon USA in the Windows store and running on a Lumina 925 with WP8.1.

When I input an address, it doesn't seem to use current traffic conditions in calculating the route or the ETA. I check Navigon and it shows me a trip that, without traffic, would be 50 minutes as 50 minutes. But I know at this time of the day, traffic is heavy on that route. I checked other navigation apps like Google Maps and it shows the trip will be 1:20 minutes as does MapQuest with an accident on the route.

Is there a way to determine how much time is added to a route due to traffic? Should the ETA include traffic time or just normal travel time?


  • Tim 1500 Points
    According to their product page, it appears the app does have live traffic capabilities-- beyond that, I'm not a WP user so I don't have any first hand advice:
  • mgerbasio 0 Points
    It can't be factoring in traffic but I'm at my desk, not in my car right now. If you know anything about the NYC area, it shows me going 32 miles, including across the GWB on the Cross Bronx to LI in 49 minutes. Maybe by helicopter. Best time with other mapping software is 80 minutes.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    I understand-- but the question remains if it is a matter of the feature not being enabled properly, if it requires a paid subscription you don't have, if the app didn't have permission to use cellular data to download the traffic feed, etc.... I'm just saying according to the features listed on their page the app does have the capability.
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