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Burnt out soldier seeking inner peace.

Hi guys this is my first post. I usually don't post on forums of any kind as I just can't stand the arguments that go on. People seem to say things they wouldn't normally say face to face.

My lovely wife wants to buy me a present and my ANCIENT Garmin III+ eats batteries for breakfast! Could you guys please give me advice? I would like a GPS to:

1. To be used for trecking.
2. Have long battery life (longer than my last one anyway!)
3. Be waterproof and dust proof.
4. (I don't know if this option exists but...) Have map datum you can upload from software or a website for free. (I'm Army so it's all for free there, I'm a little out of touch with reality).

Is there anything I have missed?

Thanks guys


  • Myron 0 Points
    Sorry, I meant map datum I can download not upload lol
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited July 2014
    Welcome to the site! We try to concentrate on GPS devices and not personalities, so I think you'll feel at home here. :)

    There are many devices that will meet your needs, but I will just mention two for your consideration. The first would be the Garmin Oregon 450. It was recently discontinued but has been extremely popular as it has a great feature set and attractive price. It may be hard to find a new one, but Garmin has an eBay store that sells factory refurb units for $200 that include the same warranty as a new device. The selection here changes from day to day so you may need to check back later if it isn't listed now:

    You will find lots of info on the Oregon 450 here:

    The other device to look at is the eTrex 20, which is currently on sale at GPSCity for $150. This is a much smaller device with a pushbutton interface instead of a touchscreen. It lacks the altimeter and compass of the Oregon 450, but it receives additional signals from the GLONASS system that older devices like the Oregon cannot.

    For free topo maps, have a look at
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