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Garmin GPS That Supports Garmin Connect And “Live Tracking”

I am going to start hiking a lot and camping and I am looking for the best all around GPS device. I have a lot of Garmin Devices and use Garmin Connect already so a compatible GPS unit would be great because I could see all my activity on one site “Garmin Connect”.

I am looking heavily at the Monterra but I am unsure if it supports Garmin Connect and Live Tracking.

The only official documentation I could find that support live tracking:

Edge 810
Edge 510

And Possibly:


I am not sure if the Monterra could support Live Tracking as well simply via Garmin Connect Mobile App.

What I am unsure is. Are the live tracking via through Garmin’s Satellites or is it linked through your phone?

I believe the Edge 810 or 510 all you have to do is run or rid with that device alone and it tracks you live.

Will the Monterra do this as well?

Here is what I want.

I would love to go camping or hiking. Use a GPS Device and set up tracking and friends or family can check on me at any time. If they see I haven’t moved in a while they could come check me out or call for help.

I know I could get a PLB and I might just do that but I would like an all-around GPS Device especially if I am going to pay over 500 Dollars.

I know Edge 810 has live tracking and Garmin Connect capability. I wonder if I could just use that for hiking and camping as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!


  • privet01 230 Points
    Garmin connect is intended for users of Garmin's 'fitness' devices. So it's really hard to come up with a device that is really suitable for hiking and also does "live tracking"

    You don't say why you want live tracking, but if it's simply for safety and that someone knows where to look for your whether it's their peace or mind or yours, then I'd get one of these ----->

    I have a friend that uses one while sailing and I and others he allows to link to his page for it have been able to track everywhere he goes with it. I intend to get my own soon.

    Of course that device is really only designed to let others know where you are, not for your navigation and such. But it does it so much better than Garmin's live tracking which is limited to cellphone distances (I think).

    For my use on the trail, a Montana if you want high dollar or and etrex 20 or 30 for inexpensive is probably ideal. But I'd put the 'spot' on my backpack for safety if both are affordable to you.
  • Astrongtower 0 Points
    edited July 2014
    Thank you so much for the information ...

    I will look into the SPOT for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by dasilvarsa View Post
    For Live tracking you need Cell Service. (Send / Receive Capabilities)
    Sat Nav is RO (Receive Only) Device.

    Yes I think I just figured that out. I was reading more no the Edge and how they do it and you do link it up to your cell phone. So I guess the safest thing you can do is carry a PLB.

    Monterra is probably what I am going to get.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    edited July 2014
    I like the idea of the Monterra, but it sounds way too buggy - especially considering the price.

    People also say it has worse battery life and feels less responsive than the Montana.
  • Boyd said:

    I like the idea of the Monterra, but it sounds way too buggy - especially considering the price.

    People also say it has worse battery life and feels less responsive than the Montana.

    What do you think about the eTrex 30?

  • Boyd 2028 Points
    I think it isn't a very good value at the prices I usually see. Looking quickly at GPSCity, the eTrex 30 is $245 and the GPSMap 62s is $220. The only possible advantages of the eTrex 30 are GLONASS and its small size. With the eTrex 20 going for $150, I don't think it makes sense to pay $95 more just to get the compass and altimeter.

    But I also think you need to focus a little more… your choices are all over the map, ranging from the top of the line device (Monterra) to the bottom of the line (eTrex). :)
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