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Question about deleting something on a Garmin eTrex 20 handheld

I just purchased a new Garmin eTrex 20 handheld “hiking” GPS. I took it out into the field today and walked around with it trying to familiarize myself with it. I also purchased and installed a “Hunt map” SD card for my region with topographic contour lines. I found an interesting landmark on the map and clicked on it and it wanted to take me there. But I didn't go. Now there is a wide pink line between the triangle (which represents me) and the never-gone-to landmark. Also the landmark has a blue push-pin icon on it. How do I delete both the pink line and the push-pin icon?



  • DaveM 158 Points
    The pink line is a route to eliminate it select "Where To?" from the main menu then select "Stop Navigation". The blue push-pin is a waypoint to delete it select "Waypoint Manager" from the main menu. Then push the "back" key then select the waypoint to delete then push the "menu" key and select "Delete" then select "Yes"
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