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GPSMAP 62 search function

I have recently bought a gpsmap 62s and I have installed OSM maps on it from talky toaster. When I try to search for an address the garmin first asks for state or province but recognises nothing I put in so I can't go further. I realise some maps don't allow searching on postcodes but I can't get that far. Has anyone experienced this and overcome it?


  • popej 57 Points
    OSM maps compiled with mkgmap can include address search, but with standard compilation this feature is active only for routable maps. Which map have you downloaded?
  • Malcolm 30 Points
    I've downloaded the UK map that is an alternative to the Ordnance Survey 1:50k one. It's routable but I can't say exactly which because my computer is being repaired! However, even if I disable the map so that the base map is being used I still get tje same response when trying to enter state or province. I need to change the parameters even when I have entered only one letter!
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