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(Solved) Possible answer if your screen goes black (blank) when plugged in - brightness setting

FYI, I had what appears to be a somewhat common problem: The unit (Nuvi 2465 btw) would work fine on battery, but when plugged in, the screen would go black, sometimes instantly, or sometimes within about 30 seconds if I was in the process of typing in a destination. So, you end up using it unplugged in order to see the screen, or just listening to the voice commands with a black screen.

I came across several good explanations on possible answers for this, the best articles here on this site. And although I learned a lot (including how to recalibrate my screen), none of the answers I found here (anywhere else either) applied to my situation.

ANSWER: What in fact solved my problem, and I'm posting here in the hopes that it may help some of you, is that it's very possible your brightness setting while plugged in is set to the lowest setting, practically black (keep in mind, adjusting when plugged in and adjusting when not plugged in make for two different settings on the same device). Apparently, it's possible to unknowingly/unintentionally/accidentally change your screen's brightness setting down to virtually zero (black), particularly if you are messing with your GPS while driving (don't do that!).

So, IF your screen works fine when not plugged in, or for about the first 30 seconds after you plug it in, but then goes black, then try this: (a) When parked safely, preferably when it's a little dark outside, or or just when you can really look very closely at your screen (while plugged in), (b) Look very very closely at the screen, because it may be working fine, except that it's set to an impossibly dark setting (Flashlights can actually help you see super dark screens; Experiment with a variety of viewing angles). (c) If you're lucky, your screen is working fine (other than the brightness setting), and you'll be able so barely see the menu on screen, which will let you go to Settings, screen settings, and increase the brightness.

Good luck, I hope this post helps someone out there! It may not be the answer for everyone, but it certainly was the answer for me. I have my GPS back! (If this is old news, I apologize in advance: While searching for an answer, I found all sorts of other answers, but no posts that I found had this answer (which I found on my own, somewhat through good luck)


  • t923347 432 Points
    Welcome to our forum johnqflorida and thanks for the investigative work. Folks that have this problem will appreciate your efforts. :)
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Glad you figured it out, this has definitely been a source of confusion to others. In fact, there are 4 different brightness levels that newer nuvis "remember". It uses local sunset/sunrise time to determine whether to use the day or night level.

    day - battery power
    day - external power
    night - battery power
    night - external power

    This has been discussed here in the past, but there is certainly no need to apologize for pointing it out again. It can be difficult to find this kind of thread here, especially with the rather limited search feature of the new forum software. ;)

  • Thanks for the welcome, "t" & Boyd. I'm probably not enough of a dedicated fan to spend too much time here, but I'll try to visit now and then. Mainly, I wanted to give back to the community, since I got some good help here myself. Thanks again!
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    FYI, I have added a link to this thread in our General Information and Troubleshooting FAQ.
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