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Use my old Garmin 60csx or buy a newer Garmin 62sc

Some scumbag broke into my car and stole my 60csx, man I loved that baby, worn out to bits but still got me home. I actually have a spare available to my but I wanted to ask a question. If I create a GPX route (I often use Google Earth for this) can I add the route to my old 60csx. I know I can do this with a newer 62sc, I just create it in Google Earth convert it to GPX and add it to the Tracks folder. But can this be done with the old Garmin 60csx.

Many thanks in advance.


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    The 60csx uses a different method of transfering data than newer devices. The new devices, like the GPSMap 62, are file-based - routes, tracks and waypoints are all stored in .gpx files on the device and can be accessed with a computer just like a USB disk.

    The 60csx stores all this data in internal protected memory that you cannot directly access. So you must use either Mapsource or Basecamp to send and receive this data. Aside from that, it should be similar to the 62.

    Of course, you would need a routable map on either device if you want to navigate on roads. The newer devices also have a feature called "track navigation" that allows you to treat a track like a route. The 60csx doesn't support this.
  • Thanks, I think I'll get a 62sc.
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