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GPS with high detail zoom level

I'm having big problems finding a suitable GPS for exploring very unpopulated parts of the world that doesn't have major roads.
Then I zoom out to see a whole country (500km) I would like to see even the smallest roads if I want to, not an empty screen.

We have always used Streetpilot 7200 in our expedition vehicles, they allows you to set zoom levels manually on every object which is what I want.
But they are getting old and have very low resolution.
I've tried buying a Garmin 2797 but it's just as bad zoom level as the rest modern Garmin I've tried, the smallest roads disappears after 0.8 km zoom level at best!

It must be Garmin maps compatible, I want to use OSM maps etc. I would prefer a big screen 7-8" and a GPS that can calculate routes.
Any suggestions? Hack the Garmin 2797? Any good app for Ipad? Or Android? Or Win 8 tablet?


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited September 2014
    With Garmin, the Montana 600 is probably your best bet. You would also want the car cradle, which includes a speaker for directions. It has menu options to set the zoom levels for different kinds of objects. See this:

    This may or may not do what you want though. It also depends on how the map was created, since the author can define zoom levels in the map data. On the Nuvi however, it does not always respect these levels. The little roads will always disappear at .8 miles (IIRC), regardless of how the map is configured. I make my own maps, and this has frustrated me on the Nuvi. So I don't think you will find any Nuvi models acceptable.

    There are no hacks for changing this behavior, aside from creating your own special maps that are optimized for the Nuvi.
  • Thanks for the input. The Montana 600 is way too small for us.

    Maybe it best to continue to use our oldies, the Streetpilot 7200 (from 2006/2007!) in which we can choose to see the dirt tracks then zooming out to see half of the Sahara if we want to! And live with the slow and old screen...
    And use the nice looking but, for an adventure, useless 2797 then finding hamburger restaurants at home :lol:
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