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Dakota Pin Dropping

I have a touchscreen Dakota 20.

I am fairly new to touchscreen gps and frequently when I attempt wipe my finger across the screen to move the map I drop a red topped pin onto the map!

If there anyway to trun off this pin dropping feature?




  • sussamb 829 Points
    Not AFAIK. You can remove it fairly easily, either exit the screen or (if it's the same as on the Montana) you should see a faint x alongside the description at the top, just tap that. With a bit of practice you'll find you can swipe without creating the pin.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited September 2014
    Actually that "pin removal" feature is one that Garmin added to the Montana firmware sometime after its release due to user suggestions. It was not available on the old touchscreen devices like the Dakota and original Oregon (300, 400t, etc).

    Been a long time since I gave my old Oregon to a friend, but I seem to recall that the persistent pin could be annoying.
  • Right ok thanks both sussamb and boyd, appears I am just gonna have to live with this irritation!

    Or swap my Dakota for a Garmin with buttons!
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