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i have a gps ok the name and model of it is garmin nuvi 1350 ok and when i try to get online and download the app for it but it will not down load on my computer and when i do download a pro before i install it tells me that a prolbem has went wrong with it


  • alanb 550 Points
    edited September 2014
    AFAIK, the 1350 does not support any add-on apps. Are you attempting to install a map update? If so, what map and version? What program are you running (Garmin Express? Garmin Map Updater? Garmin Web Updater?) What exactly are you trying to do? What kind of computer and what OS version? What error message are you getting?
  • t923347 432 Points
    edited September 2014
    I think we have been through this with the same member in this thread:
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