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Magellan 3030 will not reset.

Kitesur4 10 Points
edited September 2014 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Can anyone advise if there are issues with the Magellan Roadmate 3030?
I just updated the software and the unit will not get past the start up screen now. It looks like it is loading, but after half an hour, nothing.
I pressed the reset with a tooth pick and nothing, I broke a piece of toothpick off in the unit, so opened it up to remove, and discovered nothing on the circuit board that looks like a reset opposite the hole where you are supposed to push a pin/paper clip.. Nothing, there is no button, contact, anything, just circuit board. How is this supposed to reset when there is nothing on the circuit board to reset?
Waiting for Magellan to get back to me, but not convinced they will be of any help.


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