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Looking for Recommendations on TT for Auto

My wife and I recently had an unfortunate trip with a Garmin to a city in which we discovered its tendency to wander off-and-back-on the freeway, through neighborhoods when we would have preferred to stay on the freeway, and its horrible tendency to underestimate the delay of traffic lights. We'll keep the Garmin for when we can both follow its recommendations with a map.

For other travel, however, including around our local town and for when we are driving by ourselves, we'd prefer a TomTom. We considered updating our old reliable XL 340, but finally decided to get a new one - the lure of some of the newer features - lifetime maps and traffic - were just too much to ignore.

So, we'd like advice on a new Basic or New Old Stock model. The GO series seems to require integration with a smartphone, and since we prefer not to do that, that series is out. We don't mind having Bluetooth, as we can see an advantage to having weather and traffic cams if we want them, but not for full-time use. We do want lifetime maps and a traffic receiver built in. We'd be okay with a price up to $250 or so.

Any ideas?


  • Need maps for the US (including Alaska), Canada.
  • Hmm. Okay, if Via and Start aren't workable, how about something older I might be able to find still for sale?
  • I actually am looking at one of those I borrowed for awhile. It seems to work okay, so unless someone suggests something better - discontinued, but a great unit - I'll likely buy the Via 1535 TM. I notice it doesn't have a card slot to help when the downloads get bigger.
  • dhn 336 Points
    Yes it does. Where the cable connects to the device.
  • You're right, of course. I had never taken the cable off before this. Thanks.

    Are there any older (but new, for warranty and map purposes) models it would make more sense to seek out?
  • dhn 336 Points
    not really
  • Still working with the borrowed 1535, but my initial impression is that it's pretty slow. Push a button, then wait for a second or so and push it again, only to have it then react to the first push, which the second push then cancels - annoying.

    Does giving up 3D speed things up at all?

    My old XL 340 is faster, probably because it doesn't have to render text-to-speech or consider traffic. Maybe I should give up on those and go for something more basic - just lifetime maps and a micro-card slot. I have some control issues with it, too, as it's different from the XL, but I can't blame the machine for that - I need to review the manual.

    How do I determine how much memory I have and how much is used?
  • dhn 336 Points
    Connect to MyDrive with the device. The problem is you'd need to log in with the user name/password of the actual device owner.
  • It's never been updated, so I don't want to do it for her on my computer in case it might lock her as owner out. I can check my old XL 340, though. Thanks.
  • Thanks. I'm just wondering if there isn't a discontinued model that can be found as "new, old stock" that might be better. You know, the model that people say, "I wish they hadn't discontinued that."
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