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Newbie needs HELP with Garmin Oregon 650T please!

Hi, I'm completely new to gps systems and bought what seemed to be the best one for me, the Garmin Oregon 650T with added GB maps. I require the gps for trekking/hiking and mountain biking. I am REALLY struggling to understand how to make the thing work for me! I have loaded some maps in gpx format through Basecamp but I can't find where they are stored on my Garmin and also, I am really struggling to load a map I have created on Google Maps onto the device. All the help you can give me will be greatly appreciated as I feel so dumb at the moment, even though I can usually grasp new technology!


  • sussamb 798 Points
    I think you mean routes?

    If you've sent them to your GPS using Basecamp they should appear in a list when you do a Where to, Routes or if you open Route Planner. I'm afraid I don't use Google Maps so can't really help there, but I have a feeling Google Maps cannot send routes to a Garmin GPS.
  • Hi thanks for your quick reply...yes sorry I do mean routes! I have sent them from Basecamp to the gpx file on the Garmin but they don't appear in any menu on the garmin.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    I'm confused. With your GPS connected and showing in the top left hand pane in Basecamp right click the route you want to send, select Send to and select your Oregon. Or you can drag and drop.

    If you do that it should show as I mentioned.

    If you are somehow manually transferring .gpx files they need to be placed in the GPX folder in your Oregon.
  • Finally, after much hair pulling and threatening to throw the gps out of the window I have managed to do it! I now have the route on my garmin!! The only problem now is that the route is about 30 miles long and has more than 50 can I reduce them down to less than 50 and still keep the full route?
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Why are u worried about reducing points below 50?
  • Because if I don't then I probably won't get to the end of the route
  • nevw 38 Points
    I suggest sending the walk/ride to the garmin as a gpx track as well as a route so you have a 2nd option if the route does not go as planned. You should be able to display both on the device at the same time
  • sussamb 798 Points

    Because if I don't then I probably won't get to the end of the route

    lol ... I'm sure you will, I often have over a 100 points in my route and always reach the end ... somehow

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