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Looking to buy a gps system

Shadex1 0 Points
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Hi I have been doing some research on the Internet on what automotive GPS system to buy. Right now I am totally confused on what to buy, I know what features I want, but currently there are so many brands out there and models, it gets confusing!! My budget is $500

I am leaning towards Garmin, as they make good units.

Here is what features I want.

Internal Backup power supply (Li-Ion)
Ability to plug into the car
Can be read in sunlight
Multi-routing (ability to calculate the most efficient route in an efficient matter)
Text-to Speech (Says the street names)
3.5 in display screen (at LEAST)
Traffic Updates and calculating routes to get around them
Strong signal acquisition (SiRF Star III/WAAS enabled)
Portable with good internal memory.

Features I don't want, but is nice to have.
Picture viewer
Not important to me as I have a computer and an mp3 unit to do that for me.


  • Tim 1500 Points
    Well, you have the hard part done if you know what features you are looking for. Here are my thoughts based on what you have said. Leaning towards Garmin is a good thought, our readers here typically have high satisfaction rates with their devices. The only down side is that most of their popular devices do not offer what is known as "multi destination routing" or "multiple vias per route". Most people don't end up using those features, but you mentioned "multi routing". The TomTom devices and many of the Magellan devices do offer it.

    Most all of them come with a Lithium Ion battery and car chargers so you shouldn't have any problems there.

    Most of them are also sunlight readable, however the best of those is the Nuvi 660. It has a super bright screen that is superior to the screens in most other GPS devices.... It is also more than $500.

    Some come with integrated traffic receivers while others come with them optional... and still many others don't come with it at all.

    SiRF is found in most of the upper end devices, and most of the devices that come with traffic receivers (or optional receivers) will come with text-to-speech.

    Most of the Magellan devices fall a little short when it comes to portability. To get portability and traffic from Garmin will make a device that is a little more expensive.

    Thus, here is what I'd suggest looking at:

    Garmin Nuvi 350, 660, Garmin StreetPilot c530, Magellan RoadMate 2200T, 3050T. You can scan through a list of even more devices here.

    Let us all know if you have more questions!
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