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Garmin BaseCamp

I am having a difficult time using the Locate Coordinates under the Find tab. I cut and paste the following cords 34.169926, -113.846115 and hit Recenter it returns to the coords that were in the box. Grid is set at Lat/Lon sddd mm.mmm and the Datum is set to WGS84. New to the gps world so I need some help please.




  • privet01 231 Points
    Are you sure the format is not hddd mm.mmm instead of sddd mm.mmm?

    The coordinates you are trying to enter do not match that format. h is the hemisphere, N, S, E, W. ddd is the degrees. mm.mmm is minutes which include seconds converted to a decimal minute.

    so it might be the coordinate you want is N34 10.195 W113 50.766

    There is a format in basecamp for hddd.ddddd but I think you'll still need to put N or E on any positive lat or long and S or W on any negative lat or long.
  • I'll try, thanks
  • sussamb 956 Points
    edited October 2014
    I've just done using those cords and it works perfectly with BC interpreting it as N34.16993° W113.84612° (Swansea, Arizona) so unsure what your issue could be, perhaps try these instead N34.16993° W113.84612°
  • I was trying to copy the cords from another program, once I entered them manually it worked great. Thanks for the help
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