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Need multistop GPS with pickup window solution for FedEX driver

I really hated to be that guy that had to out right ask but there are so many GPS's and ive been swamped with time. Im about to be driving for FedEx. I really would appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction. Im looking for something in the 200-300 dollar range. Following posting guidelines.

- Area is just local, northwest georgia tristate area. So i don't need all the long haul stuff but don't mind it

- Need to put multistop & need to be able to check off stops easily.

- great and fast user interface is something I seek

- I have pickup windows. Looking to see if there is a solution for this to notify me when one becomes available.

- Mid route optimization when pickup windows become available?

GPS of interest would be one that i seen someone recently talk about. McNally TND720 sounds really awesome. The bread crumb feature sounds neat.

I used a friends 90$ GPS today and hated it. Ive decided to bite the bullet. But my biggest curiosity is a solution around the pickup windows. I don't know the lingo but i just ponder a feature that would optimize my route after a pickup window pops up with the help of my noggin of course.

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Im worn out at the moment! Thanks!


  • sussamb 829 Points
    Don't FedEx provide you with one??
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Can you explain what a "pickup window" is? Does that mean you must be at a certain location at a specific time of day? If so, I can't think of any GPS with a feature like that. I am also surprised (and disappointed) that Fedex doesn't provide their drivers with everything they need.

    "Breadcrumbs" just means that the gps will show a line that indicates where you have been. Almost any device will have this feature.
  • No... however they should. Fedex contractors cover ground. At least where I am. By they should. But I can use it elsewhere on the rd
  • privet01 228 Points
    edited October 2014
    I don't think you will find one in the recreational category that most of us here are familiar with. However anything actually made for delivery drivers such as you will certainly cost plenty.

    Garmin does make some devices aimed at commercial truckers, but I don't know if they are applicable to your needs.

    Does FedEx have their own delivery drivers? Or is all that contracted out? Maybe one or some of the other large delivery contractors for FedEx use GPS's and you could glean some info about it from them. Or possibly the competition.

    If you do find out anything let us know... I'd be interested in knowing what solutions are out there for drivers in your profession.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    privet01 said:

    Garmin does make some devices aimed at commercial truckers, but I don't know if they are applicable to your needs.

    I have a a Dezl 760 and don't think it would really check any of the OP's boxes. These devices are intended for big trucks and you create a vehicle profile with data about height, length, weight, etc. It will then create routes that are appropriate for your truck, such as avoiding low bridges, tight turns, etc. There are also special truck-related POI's like truck stops and so forth. And it also has a feature to help manage logs that are required by regulatory agencies.

    I only use mine in automotive mode, but don't see where any of these features would help a delivery driver. The trip planner is the same as the Nuvi. In fact, on the 760 it is the old style trip planner that only shows the next via on your route instead of the final destination.
  • Well, im the new guy right now. I was trying to find one with features to offset my experience on this route. But with a fresh view from the new guy. Im honestly kind of surprised theres not a solution in place for us in the GPS world. I read some things about UPS and they have R&D and they are on top of it. But im just gonna download some manuals and look more. Anyone else? I greatly appreciate it though.
  • privet01 228 Points
    one issue I think you'll find with all gps's no matter what will be that sometimes they don't quite take you to the exact address. This is due (I think) to the way the map databases are compiled. It doesn't happen often, but it does, at least for me.

    One case is my own address. In the last ten years, there has been one time on Google maps and MapQuest that my house was shown a couple blocks away. Another time I had the same thing with a map update on my GPS which used Navteq maps.

    And just to add some actual incidents involving your profession....... sometimes deliveries for me go to another nearby house with similar address. It seems like this happens about the same time for UPS and FedEx deliveries. Then all will be good for a period and then it happens again for both. Not quite sure why but have wondered if it's map related if they use gps's.
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