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Garmin Monterra

I should contact Garmin customer support but I hoped I could get some advice here as support is closed today. I'm close to buying a Garmin Monterra because I don't carry a cell phone but I very much value the benefit of using apps on my GPS. I read a good article on the Monterra which stated that App memory goes on the hard drive not on the micro sd card. So you're limited by how many apps you can have and of course some apps require a lot of memory space.

Can I ask if anyone has found this to be a problem. Essentially I would like to use some weather apps, and some app that shows me sunset / sunrise angles, maybe also the Gaia app. I don't believe these are vastly memory hungry apps so I'm guessing I'll be ok. It would also be fantastic to be able to use Skype (obviously I'd need a wifi connection).

So essentially i'd like to hear from anyone who has a Monterra and is currently using apps successfully, are you happy, does the device have enough memory? is there any noticeable delay in using the apps compared to say a cell phone?

Many thanks in advance.


  • Maybe I can also ask if anyone knows if the Monterra can be used alongside a Mac system running the Yosemite (the latest operating software).
  • alanb 536 Points
    edited October 2014
    Hopefully someone will come along who has some experience with the Monterra, but there has not been a lot of discussion in this forum on that model. I do know from other forums that the early units had a lot of software issues, but I don't know how many of these problems Garmin has corrected by now. You might have better luck posting your questions over on the Geocaching forum ( as there has been a lot of discussion about the Monterra over there.
  • Thanks I did post on the Geocaching forum and I got some valuable responses. I think the biggest problem with the GPS is it's very limiting battery life. Manufacturers regularly seem to forget this with modern electronics.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    I hope they are fixing all the bugs on the Monterra because there certainly seemed like a lot from early reports. I think very few people have purchased these devices though due to the high cost.

    I understand the attraction of installing your own apps, but $650 street price for the Monerra vs $400 for the Montana doesn't sound like a very good deal. I have spent thousands on Garmin devices over the years, but this one just doesn't interest me….
  • Damn it, I put a bid on one on Ebay already now i wish I hadn't.
  • It seems like manufacturers use the public as guinea pigs, they throw out electronics really quickly. Then they use the general public to test them, if there's a problem they can often fix it with a firmware update but invariably this is long after customers have torn their hair out with difficulties.
  • privet01 215 Points
    edited October 2014
    That method is probably fostered by the public desire to purchase cheap items. There's just no market for that device at the higher cost necessary to thoroughly test products before releasing them. Not to mention you have to beat the competition to market too. So I'm sure they plot the bell curve and find their point of diminishing return.
  • To give another example (sorry to go off on a non GPS tangent), just this year I bought the top of the range Nikon DSLR, two months into its use the manufacturers gave a worldwide recall after discovering a software glitch which - in my case - had ruined my holiday photographs. Nikon had the cheek to assure me they'd deal with it for free as if I should be grateful.
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