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e trex VENTURE Cx, I can find just one track on computer (GPX file)

On my GPS receiver e trex VENTURE Cx I can see all tracks I walked through,
but on my computer I can see only one track in form of GPX file. How to download the other tracks in the form of GPX?
I am not using any dedicated mapping software, only USB mass storage.
Thanks a lot.


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    For these older devices, the data is stored internally where you cannot access it via USB. I believe the only exception is if you have set the option to also archive your track on a memory card (at least that is the case with my 60csx).

    You will need software to access the other data. The older devices used a proprietary protocol to "talk" to the software on your computer and transfer data as requested. You could use either Mapsource or Basecamp to access everything. Personally I'd use Mapsource since that was the software in use at the time when your GPS was a current model.

    But you have to jump through an extra hoop to install it since the download that is offered is actually an update and won't install if you haven't already placed Garmin maps on your computer. The easiest way to do this is to install Garmin's newer program, Basecamp.

    After it has installed, you may then download/install Mapsource without issue.

    You can try both and see which you prefer, they are free. I assume you are using a Windows machine here. If you have a Mac, then Basecamp will be your only option.
  • Dear Boyd, thanks a lot for your advice. It was really helpful. I installed Basecamp. Best wishes. Li
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