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How to disable auto suggestion in Garmin

When I type an address half way in Garmin, it try to be the smart Alex and will display some possible locations and disallow me to continue my typing when these recommendation are not where I want to go. How to bypass this suggestion and allow me to continue typing the complete address I want to go ?


  • t923347 532 Points
    Welcome to our forum Steve.

    Since the answer to your question may depend on what model Garmin GPS you have, if you could let us know that information we can probably give you the recommended way to overcome your issue.
  • Not sure which model.. My car in-built GPS come with the new car I bought and was told by the salesman that it is using Garmin but he has no answer to this problem. I believe this may be Garmin common feature, rather than model specific. Currently, I have to use Waze/Google Map from my smart phone when my car GPS (Garmin) don't allow me to key in the location I wanted to go and their suggestion don't have my intend destination.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited November 2014
    Typically when it behaves as you describe (won't allow you to continue entering the address), it means that those "suggestions" are the only matching locations in the map database. For example, if you tried to enter "Williamson St" and all the suggestions were "Williams St", that would mean that the Nuvi doesn't have a "Williamson" in its database so it is showing you the closest match.

    It usually comes down to how you are entering the address. The rule on the Nuvi has always been "less is more", so for "23rd St North" you would enter "23" and look at the list of suggestions to find "23rd St North".

    Here's another current thread that is related:
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