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GPS 60 - Forgot how to use

Hi All,

I'm sorry to ask a simple question, but I've not used my GPS 60 for a few years and just wanted to toss it in my backpack during a trip, and then review the track, mostly for speed data along the way.

I installed a Garmin USB driver ( and was expecting to be able to use Windows 7 Explorer to get a file that would be text, but this is not working (GPS is plugged into USB, but there is no indication that the USB is recognized by the PC).

All I'm interested in is a number of speed readings along my track. Is this something I can view on the device or get to some other [i]simple[/i] way?



  • cuc tu 91 Points
    Oh, I do not have a card reader, if the tracks end up on the little card.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Older devices like the 60 series don't store data in user accesible memory like the new models. You must use a program like Mapsource or Basecamp to send and receive tracks, waypoints, routes and maps. It uses Garmin's old protocol to "talk" to the GPS, requesting data and making transfers.
  • cuc tu 91 Points
    Thanks, Boyd.
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