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Garmin Etrex 10 Will not Auto Zoom

Has anyone succeeded in getting the eTrex 10 to auto zoom? I have Auto Zoom set On and User Waypoint Zoom Level set to Auto. Dale Depriest's book on Garmin GPS's says generally that auto zoom is usually only effective while navigating with routes. I've tried routes, tracks, and single waypoints. I've started it zoomed in to 20 feet and zoomed out so far I could see the whole State of Michigan. The zoom level never changes no matter what I do. I've tried it on short routes while walking and longer routes while in a car. The general run of my experience tells me I'm missing something simple, but boy I can't see what it is. Has anyone else had similar experience, and even better, a solution?


  • sussamb 798 Points
    I don't believe you're missing anything, your Etrex 10 only comes with a basemap and AFAIK autozoom won't work with that map.
  • Thanks, that explains it. We just came back from a 50-mile ride through woods and highways with Auto Zoom set ON. I could manually zoom at will with the zoom buttons, but the eTrex 10 wouldn't zoom in on corners, etc. Lots of speed and angle variation, but no Auto Zoom.
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