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4040 Vehicle position

spddare65 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Is it just me? Over the years I've had a few Roadmates and the vehicle position was always dead on acurate. When I was at an intersection, the cursor was right there with me. On my 4040 it seems to lag behind. Anybody else have this issue?


  • Just as a thought. Will an external antennae improve my position?
  • Tim 1481 Points
    If it is "always behind" then it isn't a signal performance issue, but some other sort of programming issue.
  • I dread the thought of caling tech support (been there done that). Maybe I'll return it and try a new one. Perhaps it's just my unit.
  • Doesn't sound right to me, my 4040 is ussually within what i would consider an acceptable margin of error (as all gps's have anyways) of where I am. I really noticed that it was accurate when I noticed that it shows freeway u turn spots in the median (albiet they're illegal in most states, and all the states I travel in) it's nice to know they're there, and they appear even with the car right as I'm passing them. I've never had any problems with position inaccuracy once I've got a good location fix.
  • Dear spddare65,

    Did you get any answer from Magellan support? I called them once, and they asked me reset my unit, but it didn't work.
    Please help me...

    Thank you!
  • Help? From Magellan? No; help is not their strong suit. There is a thread on this forum dedicated to how to get help from support. You may get some answers there. I m going to wait until the 4250 goes on salr then return my 4040 and try the 4250.
  • When on an Interstate and routed to a particular exit, have you checked your position against the mileage marker before the sign that says "Exit 5B Such-and Such Road 1mile" to see if the distance to next maneuver on your screen is reasonably accurate, or the TTS announces the exit as you pass the sign? It's certainly not a 100% accurate test, but I've found those signs in most cases to be placed pretty accurately and it'd be interesting to see where you are in relation to the sign and what's displayed on the screen or the TTS announcement. If the TTS announcement is too early or late, or the distance displayed on the screen is obviously incorrect, there may be a problem. But then as was pointed out, none of these things are perfect. As long as you know you're supposed to take that exit and which way to go, that's what's important...hopefully before you get there.

    I have a Mio c230, and whenever I've passed an "Exit in 1 mile" sign on several expressways, both the TTS and distance display are pretty much right on the money, as well as the position indicator when either crossing a street/highway or sitting at an intersection. It's uncanny.
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