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60CSX gpx file question

Howdy folks!
Seems I have a little problem with my 60csx and thought you could help. I have a huge SD card in there and have had for years. I always select to save the track to my card and check it throughout the year (use my Garmin on the road every day.) I have periodically cleared the current recorded tracks as the months have passed, always knowing that they are recorded to the SD card for a future reference. It has worked that way since I got this fine unit.
However, now, when I put the unit into Mass Storage mode to view the gpx files, I see that NONE have recorded since last January! I have 3 GB of space remaining on the card and have never unchecked the Log to SD card box. I have previously held two years of tracking on this unit in the past with no issues. Nothing has changed on my unit (it always works....everywhere.....always.

Any suggestions?


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    How large is the file that it did record? Garmin uses the FAT32 format for data cards, and that format only permits a maximum file size of 4GB, regardless how big your card is. There are a couple menu preferences that determine how often track data is recorded. The way you set these will affect how large the track files are.

    There could be other things that might have caused a problem though. This is why you need to do periodic backups of your important data. :)
  • Thank you for your responses!
    I lost the data due to irresponsible management.
    I have done a master reset and though the files are lost, the unit works great now.

    I appreciate all of your help for me! Thanks again!

  • UPDATE....So THIS year, I am checking my gpx tracks each week. All going well until the 18th of this month where once again, it appears no tracks are saved to the card after the 15th. I bring it in, hook it up, select storage device, click the garmin folder and sure enough, nothing listed after the 15th. Then I got a little click happy and in my Windows Explorer view, clicked the "Removable Disc" listed. Well, holy crap! There are the missing days! Been there all the time! Which told me........that all those from 2014 that I thought were missing were in fact on my SD card as well, but the unit only listed about two months worth. Had I clicked the Removable Disc drive, I would have seen them on my card.

    Thought I would pass this along to everyone who had put up with my many trivial questions.

    Thank you all!

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