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Help understanding Garmin 62s profiles

Could someone with knowledge of how the profiles in the Garmin 62 help me understand it's operation?

I have downloaded some topo maps and also some openstreet maps. What I would like to do is use the automotive profile to use the openstreet maps and the recreation profile to use the topo maps.

However, if I select the automotive profile and then enable only the maps that I want and then switch to a different profile and then back to the automotive profile, it seems that all the maps are enabled and not just the openstreet map one.

Searching the internet I found a post on a website saying that the profiles didn't remember the map setup in the 62s, but in the same thread another poster said that it should remember the map settings.

Any comments, thoughts, clarifications?


  • sussamb 798 Points
    I can't speak for the 62 but certainly on my Etrex 20 and Montana map selections are profile specific. I have profiles set as you're suggesting, with an auto profile using CN mapping and geocaching, walking profiles using topo maps.
  • Thanks, I think that I had read previous posts of yours that you did that with your Etrex. Just doesn't seem to work that way with the 62s.

    Is there anyone with a 62s that could check how the profiles work on theirs?
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