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Garmin nuvi 770

Hi, Ive recently formatted my garmin nuvi 770 (i know stupid idea), since then maps do not work, Bluetooth, and computer does not recognize the gps (via usb) so /basically nothing works except the menu. In the inventory most of the things say "status-erased". Is my gps dead for good?
I have tried 3 different computers, usb drivers, garmin express, garmin web plugin different usb ports etc etc


  • sussamb 798 Points
    Almost certainly. Your first problem is getting your nuvi to be recognised by your PC. You could try googling garmin cure3 to see where that gets you.
  • Anyone has an idea how to flash firmware thorough sd card? Because with my experience I think I deleted some kind of file on the device that connects with a computer, also I forgot to mention that it charges with usb but does not recognize.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    As sussamb already suggested, copy and paste this into a search at Google


    You will find a number of resources that may help there. But it's just not a subject that we have covered here at GPSReview.
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