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How to remove 100k us topo map from Oregon 450t

Is there a way I can remove the 100k us topo map from my garmin oregon 450t an save it on my computer or sd card so I can have it for later use.


  • alanb 536 Points
    edited December 2014
    Yes. The file is in the \Garmin folder and named gmapprom.img. It should be about 2.6 GB. You should be able to copy this off to a backup location on your computer, then delete the file off the Oregon. If you ever want it back on the Oregon, just copy it back. Looking at my Oregon 550T, there does not seem to be corresponding gmapprom.unl or gmapprom.gma files like there is with City Navigator maps.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    AFAIK, the 100k topo map isn't locked. I had the previous version, the Oregon 400t. The topo map was not locked on that device and the DVD version is not locked either. I think the pre-loaded cards are locked though as are the download versions.
  • doneland 0 Points
    My 2015 Garmin Oregon has a 32 gig card installed, but says I must remove files to add more US/Canada BirdEye Topos. I have only 1 gig of files in my Computer's Garmin/BirdEye folder and I'm sure that I'm so where near the capacity of my SD card.

    Does the Oregon automatically store all new BirdsEye topos to the card or do I have to tell it to do so somehow?
  • sussamb 798 Points
    How are you trying to install the Birdseye? You're correct in thinking you have to control where it goes. You can also move any loaded to your device across to the card.
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