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Please help me! Colorado 300 formatted...

Hi, I have a Colorado 300 and today I accidentally deleted the internal memory with a mac osx!
The gps start correctly but haven't any languages (only ò) and can't connect to pc. I understand the procedure to show it to the pc, I tried to format in fat 32 (with Windows) and reinstall the files from a backup garmin but nothing.
Now I am trying with updater.exe and a .rgn file, but I do not see the usb device... please... help me ...


  • privet01 195 Points
    If you deleted the files from your device with your mac's file browser, then are you sure they are not in the mac's trash can and can be restored? However if you've already formatted the device it's too late as apple stores the files in a special files on the drive they originally existed on. If you didn't format the device yet, then just hook it up to your mac and see if there are any of the files in the trash.
  • Sorry, not deleted but formatted, this is the problem. I have a backup of all internal files, but if I copy on Colorado doesn't work.
    I contacted the garmin support and they send me through ftp a folder with default files. They told me to format in FAT then simply copy the files... But don't work ;-(
    Inside these files there are also the languages ​​but if I restart the online language available is "ó".

    I think that I need to restore or rebuilt something of system but I don't understand what.
    Webupdater doesn't recognize the device
  • privet01 195 Points
    edited December 2014
    For certain, I would use a PC to actually format the drive FAT. And especially if a partition needs to be recreated I'd also use a PC. Although OSx does also do Microsoft FAT formats, there still can be some minor differences that may make a difference to Garmin's software. I've read other posts that suggest that this is true and I had some experience with non Garmin software that depended on certain things that Microsoft does, that Linux didn't when creating a FAT partition.

    I've never had to reload any of my Garmin devices, so although I could probably stumble through it, I hope someone else will give you a knowledgeable response.
  • Hi privet01, thank you for your reply, I found a solution. The problem was the formatting: I used a software for Win, RMPREPUSB. With some settings I made a correct formatting for Garmin and now all works correctly.

    However, now I have a problem with the SD, I can not load maps, both with MapInstaller both uploading directly. After a few minutes the device is ejected, any ideas?
  • privet01 195 Points
    Except for my nuvi, all of my GPS's that use maps are old Garmin Marine devices or old handhelds. Garmin has a different license structure for Marine maps than it does for land maps also, and I have no experience that will help you with the land stuff. I do know there are plenty of particulars that you have to know like the back of your hand, so it's better I don't even attempt to answer.

    Hopefully those with experience will comment.
  • Hi I have a Garmin Colorado 300 and when I connect the display lights but goes blank and not get the kind of GARMIN logo, when connected to the PC if recognized and the display remains lit but blank, I tell me that I need the file .rgn and updater.exe of that model and recovery.
    Someone who can make me have it?
    Thank you very much hope your answers.
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    Colorado firmware is archived here:

    As for the rest, sorry, I'm not very familiar with that device.
  • Thanks for the link, but appear a few files Colorado 300
    Colorado300_240.exe 06-Jan-2010 15:45 3.2M
    Colorado300_251Beta.exe 06-Jan-2010 15:46 3.2M
    Colorado300_254Beta.exe 06-Jan-2010 15:46 3.2M
    Colorado300_260.exe 06-Jan-2010 15:47 3.3M
    Colorado300_270.exe 06-Jan-2010 15:48 3.3M
    Colorado300_280.exe 06-Jan-2010 15:48 3.3M
    Colorado300_290.exe 06-Jan-2010 15:49 3.3M
    Colorado300_300.exe 06-Jan-2010 15:50 3.3M
    Colorado300_310.exe 06-Jan-2010 15:51 3.4M
    Colorado300_320.exe 06-Jan-2010 15:51 3.4M

    Which was downloaded to my Garmin Colorado 300 and then to do with the file?

    But I'm somewhat clumsy excuse to computer science.
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    edited October 2016
    Files with larger numbers are newer versions of the firmware. I would assume that is the newest one. This is an older style of Garmin firmware update that I have not used for many years. However, IIRC, you would connect your Colorado to your PC, then double-click that file. This should start an installer program that will prompt you for what to do.

    Now there is also this file: which is the newer style firmware that is installed with Garmin's webupdater program. IIRC, you can drag that file to webupdater and it will be installed. Download webupdater here:

    Finally, there is typically a third way to install, but I don't know if it works on the Colorado. You would take the Colorado_WebUpdater__370.gcd file and change the name to gupdate.gcd, then copy it to the Garmin folder on the Colorado internal memory.

    Now I think your Colorado will have to be recognized by your computer for any of these things to work. If it isn't, not sure what you can do.
  • I am grateful for the indications aportais me, now I hope to do well, as I commented not control of computer, so I ask for your help if you can provide a tutorial step by step to avoid mistakes, I would appreciate it greatly.

    Thank you very much for your input and patience.

    A greeting.
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    I think I explained you options above, you could try any of the methods I described. But if it helps, try this:

    1. Connect your Colorado to your computer
    2. Download this file:
    3. Double-click the file that you have downloaded
    4. Follow the instructions that are shown on the screen

  • Hello, I follow the 3 steps and I can not get my GPS, if I see that the screen turns on but the Garmin logo and other messages appear on the screen to display the different menus.
    If I hear beeps when pressing buttons and if you recognize the PC, but this can not see anything on the screen that you recommend me?

    Thanks greetings.
  • privet01 195 Points
    You did those three steps from a PC with Windows and not a Mac or Linux based computer, correct?
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