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Stay with Nuvi 2595 or move up to Nuvi 2689?

I like my Nuvi 2595 for the user defined dashboards and the "Buttons" available for the right side of the screen. I am looking at the 2689 for the nicer screen, current street name on the bottom of the screen. I guess I can define things on the right side of the screen like rest areas gas stations or convenience stores ahead? The 2689 is just confusing as to what nearby info can be placed on the right side of the screen if you are not actually traveling on a route. Thanks for the input.


  • sussamb 947 Points
    edited December 2014
    I guess the question you should be asking yourself is exactly what features you feel you want and what you're missing then see if another nuvi model has them.

    As for nearby info if you're not travelling on a route, my 2508 won't show anything ... I suspect the 2689 is the same.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    edited December 2014
    FWIW, there's a trick that allows you to display the current road at the top of the screen. It isn't the same as the newer models, but you might give it a try…
  • Part of the problem is the GPS is new enough there are not many Youtube videos yet.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    edited December 2014
    There are 18 videos (more than 1/2 hour) on the product page at GPSCity. Looks like you can also view them on YouTube.
  • I saw that, I meant regular individuals haven't gone out and shown that model in use yet. Anyone buy from GPS City? Wondering how their customer service and shipping times are.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    GPSAddict said:

    Anyone buy from GPS City? Wondering how their customer service and shipping times are.

    I have read positive things about them in the past. However, if you visit the GPS forum at groundspeak, there's a current thread about the GPSMap 64 handheld where someone is complaining about a device not shipping, credit card being billed and other problems. Probably just an isolated incident.

    I purchased a Nuvi 3550 from them a couple years ago. Their price was the best I could find and it arrived as expected with no problems. However, a year before that I ordered a cradle for my Montana 600 which was supposed to be in stock and ready to ship. When it didn't ship after a few days, I checked their site again and it was listed as out of stock with a two week wait so I cancelled the order.
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