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how to upgrade software

I'm looking at a used 60csx and was wondering if I can upgrade the software. It says on the screen that it's software version 3.0 and gps software version 2.7 I don't know exactly what that means. What would the latest software be for that model and can I still get it?


  • Boyd 1980 Points
    edited December 2014
    See this thread, there are two "flavors" of 60csx and different gps firmware for each version:

    Install the Garmin Communicator plugin and webupdater on your computer, connect the 60csx and you will be offered the newest firmware for your specific device.

    (mod note @yooper - this thread has been moved to our Garmin Handheld forum)
  • yooper 181 Points
    Thanks Boyd. Interesting reading. I don't know which chipset is in the one I'm looking at because it doesn't have an s or an m after the software version. I guess for my use I wouldn't really care which it is. I'm just laying tracks or marking waypoints (or projecting them).
  • Boyd 1980 Points
    My guess would be that it's the SiRF version with older firmware. The "m" and "s" versions didn't appear until after Garmin started using MTK chips.
  • alpha 0 Points
    Please help me, I do not know where to put the post, but I have a big problem.
    I have the Alpha 100, the forum can not find anywhere that is mentioned, and probleb the next.
    Yesterday I tried to upgrade software on the device and all was well until a reboot after the upgrade, there was only "frozen" Garmin, can not be switched off, I had to take out the battery and after that I tried several times and always the same.
    Please help.
  • Boyd 1980 Points
    edited December 2014
    You should really start a separate thread of this, since your question is buried in a totally unrelated topic now. Post it to this forum and give it a descriptive title:

    Sorry, I would have moved your post to another thread myself, but that isn't possible with the software currently running on this site.

    Most likely, you will need to contact Garmin support for their assistance. I suggest that you call instead of e-mailing. You will probably wait awhile on hold, perhaps a long while. Have you GPS connected to your computer before you call. When you finally connect to a support person, they can remotely diagnose and fix many problems like this. Here's their contact info:
  • alpha 0 Points
    Problem solved without your help and without Garmin.
    I thought that you are helping people who are in trouble ... shameful.
    Best regards.
  • Tim 1479 Points
    alpha said:

    I thought that you are helping people who are in trouble ... shameful.

    Really? You do realize, don't you, this site isn't affiliated with Garmin in any way and that members here volunteer their time to help other members? :-O
  • yooper 181 Points
    Wow...he must not understand how forums work.
  • alanb 539 Points
    Yeah. It's sad when some folks spit in the hand that that reaches out to help them. But in the spirit of the season, I am glad that the poster was able to get the problem solved.
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