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Needing gps unit for inventory control!

I have been searching google and getting overwhelmed with all different options. I turned to this forum as I feel you guys can help me out.

Here is what I am needing.

Pinpoint accuracy
The GPS will be stationary and installed on inventory and will not be moving. When the inventory is removed the GPS will be turned off until next time.
Long battery life, 1-10 year battery, I can probably make 6 month battery life work, must be rechargeable
Waterproof etc.
Small in size, (size of your hand is ok)
Ability to update location of GPS within minutes from computer, tablet, etc.
Also need open source software where I can have a developer make a program, "map like program" with rows and isles of the yard. Or any suggestions?
Also need to be able to see all GPS units on one screen?

Here is a scenario of what I am talking about.

Sea Container yard has 1,000+ containers

I need to have a GPS on every container

When a container is removed from yard, I can remove gps unit and turn it off. (I don't need it to track where it goes, just a simple fact that I have one less container)

A lot of containers are stacked on top of each other. Will the coordinates be the same in that stack? If I have them stacked 10 high, How will I know the 3rd container from bottom is the correct one?

Thanks you for your response!


  • alanb 550 Points
    edited December 2014
    I guess I am not following what you are trying to do, as it doesn't sound like a GPS application to me. It sounds more like a RFID tag / data base application.
    In relation to a couple of your points, consumer grade GPS units typically have 3 to 10 meter accuracy on the horizontal plane (coordinates). Although they capture elevation, they are much less accurate on that measure, so they would not reliably tell you which level a container was at.
  • OK this helps me out, I was wondering if the gps would work or not? I will do research on the RFID Tags, The reason I thought GPS is because the yard can be 250 acres. I will have to see if I can use RFID and if they are reachable to that size of place
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