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Need best solution for Chicago-area commuting

Thanks in advance for any help! I currently have a TomTom 2535M GO LIVE that I use for my daily commute in the Chicago area, but I have a couple gripes with it and am wondering if there's a better option out there for me? Accurate and fast traffic information and re-routing are most important to me.

I've read in various places that TT's traffic is the best among the GPS devices, but my gripe is that it takes a decent amount of time to download (though TT seems to have improved this with their GPSquickfix's), and more importantly, for the device to actually *use* the traffic information. It will update relatively quickly to tell me my route has an hour of traffic on it, but it usually takes ~5 minutes before it comes up with an alternate, by which point I will have already needed to decide whether to get on the highway or not. If I ignore that initial direction, it spends 5 minutes arguing with me over that choice before it then spends another 5 minutes coming up with a new route.

Is there a better device? Or, has Google Maps (or another app - I have an iPhone) caught up enough that it's best for my purpose? The advantage I see with Google Maps is that it provides routes, incorporating traffic information, immediately, though it seems like it has struggled with alternate routes or re-routing as conditions change (maybe that's changed?). Cost isn't an issue to me if something is going to save me time in traffic.


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    A frequent poster here, mvl, posted the following comment in another forum:
    I find the Tomtom traffic to be far better than anything that came before it. It covers 99% of roads. It gets main roads right 99% of the time, and small sidestreets right about 60% of the time. Nothing before it ever came close.

    However in the past 6 months I found Google responded by upping their traffic quality. Also covering 99% of roads and getting main roads right 99% of the time. However I'd say google gets small roads right 90% of the time, and they do an especially good job at rush hour.

    Tomtom has a much better driving interface than Google, but when comparing traffic accuracy in the USA Google can't be beat.
    He may reply in this thread with further information.
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