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Magellan 1700 LM and non magellan backup camera AV jack, initially worked and then stopped

I have two new 1700 LM, bought two non Magellan camera on ebay, worked in my living room, updated software, put in my truck, now it don't work, took out of truck, back in living room, still don't work, have two GPS, two cameras, two video cables, I have a AV modified jack, swapped ground for inner and connected inner to ground, verified cable with continuity check, top is video, down one is ground or common, this cable has 3 black lines, 4 segments, cut off white and red, have another none modified cable, tried yellow, red, white, all don't work, the first time the unit did work it was with the modified cable via AV jack, pulled it out a few times, switched to GPS, put it back it, switched to camera, I saw it with my own eyes, it did work and then stopped after truck install / software update, what am i doing wrong? what can I do to verify cable? GPS unit? etc.? ideas? Appreciate any help you can give, thanks r/Alan Is there a feature code to enter to use a backup camera?, per owners manual, AV jack has to settings, if video present it will switch over, I modified the cable and it work, but i have read people use red, yellow, all different ways but with mine only way i could see video was with the modified jack
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