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eTrex 30 sd card

I have an etrex 30 and two legitimate maps. I would like to put both the maps onto one SD card. However when I try to do this my device does not recognize either of the maps. I think it is because they all have the same name. Is there a way of naming the maps so that I can have them both on the device and then select the map i want from the menu. In case it is important the aps are TODO españa and Picos de Europa. I also have a base map intalled on the hard drive.


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    edited January 2015
    The eTrex 30 should recognize any filename with the .img extension if it contains a valid map. The maps must be stored in a folder named Garmin at the root level of the card. The card must also be formatted as FAT32.

    Older Garmin handhelds would only recognize a single map file named gmapsupp.img. Is that the file name of your maps? If so, you can change each to something more descriptive, but I suggest you keep it short and simple. Not sure if accented characters are valid in Garmin's system, so to be safe you might name one map espana.img and the other europa.img.

    Now this assumes free, unlocked maps. If you also have files with the .unl or .gma extension (such as gmapsupp.unl), that might complicate things. These files are used for copy protection. If present, try naming them to match the .img filename you choose.

    If the maps were originally provided on a memory card by the author, then it may not be possible to move them to a different card. Some companies uses hardware copy protection that ties the map to the ID of the original card.

    Just be sure that you have good backup copies of everything before experimenting with this.
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