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My ideal GPS, still searching ....

My first GPS (2 years ago) was a new no name Chinese knock off from ebay.
Pros :
- Tells me when to turn left or right
- Shows me speed cameras ahead, and only warns me when I'm driving too fast
Cons :
- Pirated igo software, so unsupported by igo
- Out dated maps, and got totally lost in a not so new built area
- Basic software, eg doesn't show the destination time, etc
- Map and direction totally wrong on one occasion
- Failed to start after 1 year

My second GPS ( 1 year ago) was a new Garmin 2595LM.
Pros :
- Life time maps download (the main reason why I bought it)

Cons :
- Does not tell me to turn next left etc. Tells me to turn left at so and so street, and it's very confusing where there are several adjacent streets. I had to look for street signs and the screen much more often than the Chinese one
- Warns me there's a speed camera even when I am stationary

My third (this month) GPS was a new Binotone U505 (A trial to replace the Garmin)
Pros :
- Equipment life time (3 years) map download
- Tells me when to turn left or right
- Warns me when I'm driving above the speed limit
- More than half the price of the Garmin

Cons :
- The screen does not show speed cameras when driving under the speed limit
- Speed limit warning is only activated in the navigation mode

I am still looking for my ideal GPS, with the following features :

- Just tells me when to turn left or right. I don't care about street names.
- Shows me speed cameras ahead, and only warns me when I'm driving too fast
- Warns me of speed cameras when I'm driving too fast, when not in navigation mode
- Has true life time map updates
- Shows destination time
- Shows speed indication, and independently selectable in km and miles

Can anyone recommend me a GPS, as it's expensive to buy and test them.


  • sussamb 947 Points
    Well your 2595 will do most of that, it won't tell you street names if you select a non TTS (text to speech) voice.

    At least my 2508 does everything you ask, although you get the speed camera indication regardless of speed, but only the warning sound if you're over the limit.
  • Thanks for that. It's not obvious on the settings menu. I will test the 2595 another chance.
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