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need product recommendation

I'm planning to buy a garmin product in Malaysia. I narrowed down to the following models that is available :
- Monterra
- Montana 650
- Oregon 650
I will buy the City Navigator with one of the above.
I want to know which model from the above has the best car navigation system ( I don't want to buy the nuvi models). Can you please recommend?
Thanks, Sorry for the trouble.


  • Boyd 2028 Points
    The Montana is the oldest of the three that you list, and would by my personal choice - in fact I actually have a Montana 600 along with City Navigator and the car mount. Is there some reason why you want the 650 instead of the 600? The only difference is that the 650 has a camera, which evidently isn't very good.

    The Oregon has a glass multi-touch screen instead of resistive single-touch screen on the Montana. But the Montana screen is much larger with more pixels. I think the Oregon is a bit small for automotive use, but that is something you would need to decide for yourself. The Oregon does have a few nice features like GLONASS that are missing from the Montana.

    Now the Monterra is Android based, which might be appealing. Same size screen with same resolution as the Montana, but it is glass multi-touch. Also some new software features not present on the Montana. But it has been very buggy and evidently not all the problems have been corrected. Aside from that, it's really expensive. That's enough to keep me away.

    Note that with any of these devices, you will not have a number of features available on the Nuvi. No junction view, 3d buildings, 3d terrain or traffic receivers. No smartlink for connected features.
  • Yogesh 0 Points
    wow! I was expecting for some pointers but this is some excellent piece advice, thanks for feedback. The only reason I listed Montana 650 and not 600 is because its the only one my dealer has.
    This helps a lot, so thanks. :)
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