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Difference between GARMIN 3790 LMT and 3597 LMT HD

I see very few functional differences between the two devices. I've used the 3790 for three years and love it, I would like to upgrade but the only differences seem to be the 3597 is faster and the touchscreen is better and it is slightly larger. Feature wise they seem the same, I can live without 3-D buildings? What am I missing here?


  • sussamb 829 Points
    Well nothing if you're happy with your 3790 and you can see little in the 3597 specs that attract you.
  • edg 30 Points
    I also installed Viago on my iPhone 6+ but still like the dedicated 3790 much better. The audio directions on the 3790 are slow and a bit flaky but adding favorites (after-the-fact) seems to overcome this.I was really hoping the 3597 had improved this function, but the YouTube examples don't seem to reflect anything new
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited January 2015
    You will lose the ability to create your own custom dashboards (or use dashboards that others have contributed) with the 3597. You will also lose advanced pedestrian mode. The screen is quite a bit larger (4" vs 5") although the pixel count is the same (800x480). The 35xx models are much thicker and heavier than the 37xx and 34xx models. But they are still thinner than the regular resistive screen models.

    Have you thought about the 3590? I see Garmin factory refurbs going really cheap at places like GPSCity. It has a user interface more similar to the 3790. It has pedestrian mode and custom dashboards like the 3790 but add the user adjustable speed limit feature (another thing Garmin dropped from the 3597). The 3590 is much faster than the 3790. I had a 3790 for a number of years and always felt that the hardware was too slow and touchscreen response was terrible. I now have a 3550 (close cousin of the 3590) and it's much faster and more responsive. The gestures work really well for browsing the map in 3d.

    The 3597 has the fancy magnetic mount. Be careful to keep that away from your credit cards and hotel keys. ;)
  • t923347 532 Points
    You have to be careful to keep the 3597 away from your credit cards and hotel keys. The mount is to big to get in your pocket. :-j

    I never knew you could use the custom dashboards on a 3790, I'll have to give that a try.

  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited January 2015
    Actually, you're right. It's been awhile since I did the tutorial :) They work on the 3490 and 3590, not 3790.

    You can however flash the 3790 with 3490 firmware, popej has done it.
  • alanb 556 Points
    With the 3597 LMTHD you would get HD traffic service which may (or may not) be superior to the TMC traffic in a particular area. It is also enabled for Smartphone Link if you have a compatible smart phone and want to subscribe. It has Real Directions and Real Voice., which will give more explicit prompting like "Turn left at McDonalds" or "Turn right at the stoplight". I thought this was just a gimmick until I had my 3597 for a while ... now I appreciate the added prompting detail. The Trip Planner was improved so you can specify shaping points in your route. These points shape the route, but do not announce as a waypoint and do not route back if you skip the point. There are probably a few other differences, but these are the main ones I can think of. I will say I really like the magnetic mount. And yes, I have trashed a few motel keys with it.
  • edg 30 Points
    Well, I bid on and won a real nice used 3597 from eBay ($226). also got a case, bag, and extra dash mount with the device. After using it a few weeks, compared with my old 3790, I believe, overall, that it is definitely a step up! Much faster, touch screen is like my iPhone (well almost), new dashboard options are real nice too. The voice activated directions are not any match for Siri. I've also lost the 'name/text' of my favorites (on the map screen) which I really just icons. Some issues with 'editing' some Saved/favorites entries that I imported from the 3790...when I changed icons the entry does not show up in map page. I had to create a new/duplicate saved entry and delete the old one.
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