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Inputting Track to eTrex20

The person who organises our walks here in the UK uses the Anquet Map OMN application off OS maps. He has just sent me the track for our next walk as a GPX track. So I copied it to the GPX folder on the eTrex20. However the eTrex20 doesn't seem to see this track in the listed track? Having looked up on the Internet this seemed to be the correct approach - copy the track to the GPX folder on the Garmin eTrex20. I do notice that the GPX files captured by the eTrex use to where as the generated track file uses to for the waypoints of the projected track. Should I be able to load the OMN generated track into my eTrex20 and see it?


  • sussamb 798 Points
    It should work but it's possible the format is wrong. GPX files don't always follow the format required by Garmin. You could try importing it into Garmins Basecamp program to see if it works there. If it does use Basecamp to send it to your Etrex.
  • privet01 215 Points
    .gpx files can be read with a simple text editor. You might open one that you have on your etrex and compare it to one that you get from your organizer. Pay close attention to the header tags near the beginning of the file and what the position coordinates are typed as. That might give you and others some clues.

  • I can input my friends GPX track into basecamp ok and it sees it ok. I have also found I can input this GPX track file directly into the eTrex20. I copy it to the GPX folder on the eTrex20. But then I found I needed to go to Router Planner and it appeared there. (As Route 0001? (may have to play with renaming a bit)). If I then select it, the route appears on the map. The only thing is that every way point has a small blue dot pointing to the way point on the map. And because of the limited scale doesn't make the track very clear unless you expand the map, and the map then is not the best due to scale. But eh, I am beginning to get there. Thanks for your help.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    edited January 2015
    There are ways around that which involve creating custom symbols to replace the ones sent by Basecamp. I have the blue pin and blue flag symbol on my Etrex replaced with a transparent dot, so effectively it's invisible. There is some information on that here should you wish to experiment:
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