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Hi there!

I'm from a small team of programmers that are developing a website application to integrate with the TK102, TK103 and TK family of trackers, and possibly other trackers in the future if the project is successful. The application shows the position of the tracker via a website and provides additional features. Our aim is to make the trackers more solid and usable specifically for vehicle security. The application will be free to use. The application main features are working and we are now testing and developing it further before opening it publicly.

At this stage we're looking for people that are either knowledgeable, keen, or experienced with the TK family of trackers and can help us test the application, especially people that have ideas on what's needed to make the trackers more usable, especially for vehicle security. You will need to have a Xexun compatible tracker (we can tweak our system if your tracker is not an original Xexun).

We are able to do anything software side, but we do not have hardware skills, so we need people to help on that side if there's anything to be done there.

We're also looking for suggestions for features that people would want from a web application, but remember, we're mostly focusing on using trackers for vehicle security at present.

Please contact us at Let us know a bit about yourself and how you would like to help.
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