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Saved places

Is this:
Garmin device>GPX>Current.gpx
the file that represents my saved places?

If not, what does?


  • sussamb 814 Points
    It contains your saved places as well as other data.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I have 2 devices. One is really not used; I have it as a back-up device.

    When I transfer saved places from one to the other, I seem to get duplicates. Can I simply drag-and-drop my current-and-accurate Current.gpx file from one to the other - thereby replacing the older with the newer?
    And if I don't add new saved places, I can literally back-up that file to my computer - outside of the Garmin-created back-ups, and use it as my saved places? In order to go back to a file without duplicates? Or not - because of the "other data"?
  • Boyd 1987 Points
    edited January 2015
    The current.gpx file is not the data actually used by the Nuvi, it is a copy of internal data that you cannot access. Each time the Nuvi starts, it overwrites current.gpx with a copy of its internal data. So in other words, that file is only used for output.

    If you want to make the saved places on Nuvi B match Nuvi A, first use the Nuvi menu system to delete all saved places on Nuvi B. Now copy current.gpx from Nuvi A to your computer and rename the file temp.gpx. Finally, connect Nuvi B to the computer and copy temp.gpx to it. After Nuvi B restarts, it should match Nuvi A.

    As a final step, connect each GPS to your computer again and delete ALL .gpx files from both. This will ensure that the same data is not re-imported when the Nuvi restarts. As mentioned above, this will not remove your saved places because that data is actually stored in protected memory that you cannot access. And current.gpx will just be re-generated when each Nuvi starts.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    Thanks very much.
  • I am being told that there are some devices (the 50 series) where current.gpx is not an "OutputFromDevice" type of file; that it can be replaced (using the computer) with a new file that will then become Favorites when the device is rebooted; and that using a computer to delete the current.gpx file from the GPX folder will cause the device, when rebooted, to create a new current.gpx file with the three Garmin locations in it.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  • sussamb 814 Points
    That's not true.
  • I managed to get a nuvi 52 GarminDevice.xml and it indeed shows that Current is "OutputFromDevice".
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