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updating maps on my Roadmate 2136T

I can't get anywhere trying to update maps on my 2136-T from my MacBook. The 2136T is at least 6 yrs old and when I open content manager it tells me there are no updates.
Any suggestions?


  • You are not alone. I bought my 2136T refurbished Jan 2014, and today tried to update the maps. Windows Content Manager 2.703 says there is an update to ver. 58.1 from my 46.03, but just directs me to a general webpage at Magellan's website.
  • Today I received a reply from Magellan support. It was a generic email with a list of upgrade steps. Though I was doubtful that it would work, I installed Content Manager 2.703 on to another Windows computer I have. I plugged in my GPS and checked for updates. Lo and behold, the CM showed me a new message which said to disconnect the GPS during the map download. So I unplugged the GPS, clicked OK, and now I am downloading map version 5.81 !!! If it does not install, I will post another message. :)
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