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looking for a gps for measuring distance

what GPS and software would I require to achieve an accurate measurement or sub meter? What I want to do is use it to measure distance for our pipeline for a repair ..what I do is use a predefined inventory number (center line of the nearest road). These are inventoried and a permanent reference point. Lets say I have to do a coating repair and it is 1, 817 feet west of the center line inventory number .I would normally have to take a tape and measure from the center of that referenced road the 1,817 feet to the repair area .. if the area has no crops, swamps , creeks etc this is often ok ..but say I have something in the way like a large swamp that I cannot measure through ...I was looking for something that I can use to measure out that 1,817 ' with and I no WAAS gps systems will generally do that but are only about 5 m accurate .. I cannot afford a trimble so am looking for some way to make the WAAS reading more accurate . I know delorme had a post pro 2 soft ware that was supposed to give sub meter accuracy with a WAAS gps , is there stuff out there like that ? What about the BAD ELF system GPS for Apple products ? what can I expect ... any help would be appreciated ...thanks Bill B


  • Tim 1482 Points
    No matter the hardware you will not be able to get that accuracy with consumer GPS/WAAS.
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