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Can't get IGO to work on android car radio

I bought this radio Android-4-1-Double-Din-3G-Wifi-Car-GPS-DVD-Player-BT-Stereo-Radio-Capacitive-Cam. I downloaded the IGO app on my SD card and installed it but when I touch the IGO logo it keeps telling me to insert my SD card. Is there something I have to do to open this app before it can run. It did nothing after it said installing when I pushed he install option. I am assuming it was downloading the info from my SD card and not really installing anything. But once it finished nothing happened in as far as opening the app and seeing any maps. Any help would be greatl;y appreciated.


  • Tim 1479 Points
    I was under the impression that iGO was only available as a carrier/OEM install for Android and was not available as an app purchase for any Android devices (phone or any other Android based device). Where did you purchase the iGO application from? Have you checked with iGO support?
  • It was a free app. I didn't pay anything for it. No I have not checked with IGO support.
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