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Noob need help with Garmin Dakota 20

I just purchased a factory Refurbrished Garmin Dakota 20 GPS and I have some questions that I hope I can get help with.
The first question I have is, how the heck do I start and stop recording a track? Seems like it starts recording as soon as it is turned on and stops when it is turned off? I have a Garmin Edge 705 for biking and there is a start/stop button to start/stop recording, seems like the Dakota doesn't have that? So what happens if at the end of my hike I forget to turn off the GPS?
2) Since this is a refurbrished unit, there were a few waypoints or maps or something on there already(I assumed from previous owner) so I went into basecamp and deleted the waypoints/maps/tracks etc. Now when I'm in basecamp looking at the device detail, it shows that there is 1.82 GB of internal memory available out of 1.84 GB of internal memory? How is that possible? I thought the Dakota only came with 850MB internal memory? Did I delete something I should not have? I still see the WorldWide Autoroute Basemap in the map section of the setup? And I'm not confusing internal with memory card either since I put a 16GB card in there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    edited February 2015
    Try this site - it is actually for the Oregon series but I believe the Dakota is almost identical (with a lower resolution screen). The original site no longer exists, but it has been captured by the wayback machine at

    I don't think older Garmin models have a start stop button for track recording - IIRC that appeared on the Oregon 6xx and GPSMap 64 series. But I think you could create separate profiles with tracking turned on or off.

    Not sure about the free memory issue, Garmin's own specs do in fact say 850MB

    It's possible that they increased this towards the end of production I suppose? The basemap and maybe timezone map would be the only pre-installed maps on that model. They are both small files.
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