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Need a fast screen.

I have been searching here and cant find a thread that addresses this exactly.
I am a truck driver who makes a lot of rural deliveries. I don't always navigate to things but I like it to be on and letting me see the where I am on the map.
I had an old nuvi 200 I think and when that one got old and I couldn't update it anymore I bought my current one a Nuvi 1300.
This one has been an irritation from the start. I like to scroll around and zoom in and out a lot to see the map and this one can take FOREVER to draw the map after scrolling or zooming, like five seconds, doesn't seem like a lot but its an eternity when I am trying to find an alternate route when I find out there is some reason I cant use a particular road and am sitting blocking traffic while this happens a few times. And it likes to jump around a lot which can be very frustrating when I am zooming in on a location and have it jump several miles in a random direction. My old one was much much better in this regard.
Now I am finally fed up and its time to get a new one.
I need a fast screen and I need to be able to get to a flat map north up screen like quickly like I can now by tapping the screen. I hate a 3d view when I am looking for something.I do like it when navigating or when its just sitting there displaying. I have played with a couple at the electronics store and have found one that didn't seem to have this flat screen option. But I didn't have time to drill down in the menu looking for it.
Also something that my old one did that my new one doesn't is display the next cross street in non navigation mode. My 1300 just displays what street I am on, I already know what street I am on.

Can someone tell me if certain models have better processors?
What to look for? eg. 3 digit model numbers are better or something like that.
I am thinking a glass screen will probably be an improvement. My current one is scratched and is almost unusable in certain lighting conditions.
I would like to keep it under $200 US and cant go over $300.


  • Boyd 1992 Points
    edited February 2015
    I had a Nuvi 1350 for awhile and agree that screen refresh in 2d mode is poor on the 1300 series. Touch response also had issues on that series.

    I just have to chuckle about discussions of what street is shown at the top of the screen. People have surprisingly strong feelings on both issues. I think the "current street crowd" has won this war though, at least for now. The newest models have added a special field at the bottom of the screen that always shows the current street. But I think you'll find that 2012 models show the next street at the top of the screen.

    People complained about that, and we found a trick to change it here:

    You might like the 5" Nuvi 3590. GPSCity (probably other sites) has it as a refurb for $190 (refurbs have the same warranty as new). The processor is much faster on this model, and the screen is very nice. Bright, glass, multi-touch 800x480 resolution. I have its close cousin, the 3550 (these are even cheaper, if you can find one).

    It is really fast to go into 2d browse mode, just start dragging the map, no need to tap the screen first or anything. And you can zoom by pinching and spreading your fingers without using the + or - buttons. Those buttons also disappear from the screen when you release your fingers, letting you see more of the map.

    You can also use my custom dashboards to show more (or less) information on the screen, or follow my tutorial to make your own.

    I think this model is a very good choice for someone (like me) who wants to just see a 2d map (this is what we used to call "moving map" mode).

    If you want something bigger and specifically for trucks, look at the 7" Dezl 760, I also have one of these and use it in automotive mode. The feature set is almost the same as the Nuvi 3590 but it isn't a glass screen and cannot be used in portrait mode. Not sure if you can find a refurb of that model in your price range.
  • Thanks so much. I really like the 3590 And I ran across the 3597 LMTHD refurb for 230. Not sure the hd traffic is something I would use. But it might be nice and the magnet mount seems like a pretty good feature.
  • Wow I just looked into the links you provided. You did a lot of work on this stuff.
    Thanks again and I will most likely get the 3590 or 3597. It appeals to the tinkerer in me.
  • Boyd 1992 Points
    edited February 2015
    Happy to help. You need the 3590 if you want to use custom dashboards. They are not compatible with the 3597.
  • . Thanks. That makes a tougher decision.
    Do you know if I can turn off navigation audio while maintaining voice command audio on any of these models?
    I really don't like to have it sitting up there chatting away when navigating but it seems like you would need to hear the voice prompts.
  • t923347 432 Points
    The 3597 allows you to adjust the voice volume for Navigation and Phone separately. Voice commands don't require volume so you can use it whether the speaking voice is muted for navigation or not.
  • I decided to quit worrying about it and went ahead and ordered the 3590 from gpscity. Seems like it has about everything the 3597 has that I want so why not save a few bucks.
    Thanks for the help and recommendations.
  • Got it.Love it.
    It is plenty bright and I use it in some very challenging lighting conditions.
    Voice command works very well for me even in my old noisy semi.
    If I had to niggle I would say I would like the voice command to have some more extensive options like traffic on route and weather. Also I wish I could connect it to my phone while still using my bluetooth headset for voice calls.
    Seems I wont be able to use the smartphone features because I need to be able to accept calls on my headset on short notice.
    Thanks for your help everyone.
  • Boyd 1992 Points
    Cool, glad you're enjoying it!
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