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62stc Waypoints don't go with track to Google Earth

I'm having a problem transferring my way points over to Google Earth. My older Garmin I simply "selected" the track in GE and poof the track and the way points were there.

With 62stc I can only transfer tracks and not a way point??? I don't want to you use any other program.



  • sussamb 798 Points
    Not sure why as there has been no change to the way GE works. I'm still seeing track points when I open a gpx track in GE.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    edited February 2015
    How are you creating the track? Have you tried converting it to a route and sending it? Do the waypoints then show?

    Also ensure when you look at the track in the top left hand pane that the waypoints box is checked.
  • When I create a track I turn it on to see where I'm going and then I save it and turn it off.

    When I go to GE I do: Tools, GPS import and then I check the boxes: Garmin, Waypoints, Tracks, Routes.

    All I ever see is my track and none of my saved waypoints show up. This is also seems to be a problem for many people as there are a lot of internet comments asking for help too.

    Thanks for your help!
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Ah okay. I either send mine using Base Camp or just drag and drop the gpx file onto the GE icon on my desktop.
  • How do you create a gpx file to drag and drop? That sounds easy enough...

    I will check out Base Camp too. Thanks!
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Garmin changed the format for storing waypoint/tracks/routes a number of years ago. Old devices like the eTrex Legend or GPSMap 60csx used a special protocol to transfer this data where a program running on your computer (like Google Earth) actually "talked" to the gps, requesting the data. They later changed to a file based system were all the data was stored in the file Current.gpx, so all you had to do was copy that file.

    But newer models use separate files for storing waypoints, tracks and routes. Old software doesn't "get" this and only tries to download current.gpx. On a new device, current.gpx only contains un-saved tracks. So maybe that's what you are seeing? I'm not sure if Google ever updated their software to use the new system.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    ACDK9SAR said:

    How do you create a gpx file to drag and drop? That sounds easy enough...

    I will check out Base Camp too. Thanks!

    Exporting it from Basecamp ... or tracks/routes that I've acquired from other sources. Best for you though I suspect is to load all your data into Basecamp. Then use the View, Google Earth option from the toolbar ...

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