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Navigon 3310 not recognising SD card

Hi - I'm having problems with my Navigon 3310 and wondered if anyone can help.

Using Navigon Fresh, I've been trying to update my Europe maps to the 2012 version - which is too big to fit in the Navigon's internal memory (just 69MB left with the version I currently have installed). So - I bought a 16GB micro SD card to allow the update, but Navigon Fresh doesn't recognise it (shows only internal memory), and I can't see any way to access it from the 3310 itself. My PC also doesn't recognise the card when it's in the Navigon. However, if I install the SD card directly in the PC, the PC recognises it, and I can transfer files to it. The weird thing is, although the 3310 doesn't seem to see the SD card, I found the card has been renamed 'NavigonSD' - presumably automatically, by my Navigon.

All this means I've no way to update the maps or install any other services etc.. I can't seven see a way to delete existing maps via Fresh: there don't seem to be any dialogue or tick-boxes etc. to allow me to do this. I'm also wondering if the fact my internal memory's full explains why my 3310 is so glitchy and prone to crashing.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for looking!


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    Im having a similar problem. I cant even reach the backup in Navigon Fresh cause it doesnt detect either the card or the GPS do you have a backup of it? Thank you?
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