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GPS logger

I know we can find vehicle's latitude,longitude,speed,direction,altitude and so on., using GPS logger. Can we take specific values like just direction from it and transmit to other vehicles?
Like in-case an emergency vehicle is on the road and it is broadcasting an emergency message which is received by all the vehicles but when we know the direction of an emergency vehicle, the broadcasted message will be received only by the vehicles in par with the direction of an emergency vehicle.. Is this possible? Else any other way to find the direction of vehicle and transmit to other vehicles?


  • alanb 556 Points
    edited March 2015
    Are you using the term "GPS logger" in the generic sense, or are you talking about a specific product? Most consumer navigation GPS devices are receivers, not transmitters, unless you combine it with something else (like a smart phone). In that case, the functions would depend on the app being used. If you are talking about the broadcast capabilities of emergency vehicles, I think it would depend on the hardware built into the vehicle. I don't think I have seen a consumer GPS that receives broadcasts from emergency vehicles.
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