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Basecamp and file managment


I am having trouble with managing files between Basecamp and my handheld. The problem centers around the fact that the file name bears no resemblance to the track name / route name / whatever the container object in Basecamp is called. I can find no easy way to align the file name with updated (meaningful) track names.

And even stranger is that I will transfer an track with an updated name to the device, and it gets a completely new file name like "track.2". Totally meaningless and no way to relate it to anything.

Keep in mind that I am talking about the actual file name that you would see in a file browser.

Any suggestions?


  • sussamb 798 Points
    I'm not sure why you're having this issue. Tracks/routes/waypoints I name in Basecamp transfer to my various devices with the name I've given them. The only time they're changed is if there is already a track/route/waypoint with the same name on the device.
  • scotfor 0 Points
    Thanks. You are talking about meta-date i.e. the track name that is stored inside the file. I am talking about the actual file name on the device, from the computers file browser perspective. There is other software I use that does not access the metadata. I find Basecamp cumbersome. For example, if I update a track name in BC, the container object (what is it called) name does not get updated. And then when I transfer it to the device the file name is yet again different, with no resemblance to any of the names in BC
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Well I think I understand you, although I'm unsure why you're bothered. I simply use the file name that's in track manager, route planner etc on the device which corresponds to the name I've called them in Basecamp. I delete data off my device also using Basecamp or from the devices menus.

    Is there any reason why you want to know the actual file name?
  • scotfor 0 Points
    There is other software I use that does not access the metadata.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Ah OK, then I can't help. You mentioned between 'Basecamp and your handheld' initially.
  • privet01 215 Points
    edited March 2015
    It's not supported anymore, but Garmin's Map Source is still available for download. You can name tracks and other stuff separately with it.

    It is old though and may not work with some of the newer devices. I can't remember if there is an issue with the way it handles maps or not as this was from when Garmin used a different licensing means for their maps. You do have to have a legitimate Garmin map from a download or cd I believe. Not sure if it will use other maps such as Openstreets.

    I still use it with my Garmin marine GPS's and nuvi.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    I don't believe that will address the OPs issue though.

    As he has BaseCamp then MapSource would install without issue so he could try.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Mapsource will not find your tracks, routes and waypoints on newer Garmin handhelds. Garmin has changed the way that this data is stored on the newer devices (there are separate files created each day you save data on the device). Mapsource only looks for one file, Current.gpx when receiving data. So it is still compatible with the Nuvi and older devices like the GPSMap 60csx or eTrex Legend, but not the Oregon, Montana, eTrex 20, etc.

    You could still use it with those newer devices, but you would need to individually open each .gpx file on the device, which would be a pain. It will work correctly to send waypoints/routes/tracks to the newer devices. It also works correctly to send maps to all devices. It can't access maps stored on the device like Basecamp though, and can't access BIrdseye or Custom Maps (raster imagery).
  • privet01 215 Points
    Well the example issue in the OP was transferring a track from Basecamp to the device. I've never had the need to transfer a track to a device with Map Source, but I have transferred routes. I know they will keep the name given when sent to the device, I expect tracks will too.

    But as all of us have said.... it depends on whether his device will work with Map Source.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    I still can't quite understand the OP's issue, sorry. I don't see where he has told us what device he is using either. On newer handhelds, like my Montana 600 for example, all your tracks/routes/waypoints are stored in the \Garmin\GPX directory in internal memory. Just connect it to your computer, go into mass storage mode and look in the \Garmin\GPX directory. The file names are pretty much self-explanatory (to me, at least). If you save a track on the GPS and name it mountain, then you will find a file named Track_mountain.gpx. Same thing for routes.

    Waypoints are grouped together in files that are named for the date on which they were created. So, if you created 5 waypoints today, you would find them in a file named Waypoints_06-MAR-15.gpx.

    If you want to manage files manually, just copy these files to a folder on your computer, then re-name them anything you like. You can then import these files into Basecamp, Mapsource or any other software. Sending files back to the GPS is as easy as just dragging them back to the \Garmin\GPX directory.
  • scotfor 0 Points
    Thanks for your comments. I will keep using and see if I can get clarity on it
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