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Best iPhone offline GPS app to use in (Western) Europe

I am in search of the best offline GPS app to use during my upcoming trip to Western Europe but I can't seem to find any written reviews about these apps on iTunes and wondering if you guys can help with some feedback.

Someone on tripadvisor recommended Sygic and I found Sygic Europe priced at $29.99 while Sygic France and Sygic Italy are individually priced at $79.99. The pricing is really whack as the Europe version is cheaper than France and Italy alone?!?!?

Wonder have anyone tried other app like TomTom Western Europe ($54.99), CoPilot Premium Europe HD Sat Nav ($44.99) or Garmin Western Europe ($89.99)?

As I mentioned, there are no written reviews about these apps at all so I am a bit hesitant to purchase though I really believe that smart phone offline gps app is the way to go for a trip like this-- no need to bring along a physical gps and cheaper than renting a gps unit and no need to purchase data plan.

Any thoughts?



  • nutcase 91 Points
    Boyd said:
    That's my thread :-)

    I think I need to do another comparison to see what (if anything) has changed in the last year with both apps -- for instance, TomTom added red-light cameras in the U.S.

    @nathanw: We wound up using the TomTom app for driving in Europe and Google Maps for the limited pedestrian travel we did -- we could have used the TomTom app for pedestrian travel, but we had a free data plan through T-Mobile.

    If you have specific questions, let me know (I don't check the forums often, but I'll try to be more diligent).

    One thing I really like about the TomTom app is the hints on future turns (e.g. "Turn right, then stay in the left lane" or "Turn right, then in two blocks turn left") whereas the Garmin App didn't do that (it would just say "Turn right then turn left").

    I occasionally use my nuvi for trips when I don't want to play music (the TomTom doesn't do directions over Bluetooth and my car's stereo won't play TomTom's directions unless my iPhone is connected and music is playing from it).

    I sometimes use Google Maps when I have a cellular internet connection and the traffic is horrible and I'm looking for a way around it (I never did get around to subscribing to traffic in the TomTom app).
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