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Displaying a map

I have a Garmin etrex legend c. I downloaded a Colorado Topo map, but I live in Texas. Should I be able to view this map on my device or do I have to be within the satellite range in Colorado? Very confusing downloading this stuff. I'm new to the handheld GPS. Thanks for any info.


  • sussamb 798 Points
    You can view it wherever you are in the world and don't even need a satellite signal.
  • Thanks for responding. Here's my problem. I downloaded a map from GPSfiledepot for free. It shows up on my PC in Garmin Basecamp. I went through the steps, highlighted the areas to transfer to my device and hit SEND. It sent and now shows up on my Legend C under Map Setup-Information with a checkmark beside it. When I try to choose it, I'm still looking at my surrounding area in Texas. How do I see this Colorado map? I'm a novice. I've read owners manual, no help. I've explored all sorts of help forums. I'm lost.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    You could zoom out on your Etrex then pan across to the map then zoom in. Or just do a search for a town or POI on the map and then you'll be able to show it.
  • That's so simple and works perfectly. Thanks a bunch.

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